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Hults, Helder & Lewis, PLLC, Has Defended Clients in Criminal Cases Since 1974

At Hults, Helder & Lewis, PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience, and they also are deeply integrated into the local criminal justice system. The judges, prosecuting attorneys and others involved in the local criminal justice system know our firm's reputation for professionalism and integrity, which gives our clients an advantage in obtaining the best possible outcome in their case.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys defend clients in criminal cases involving:

  • Drunk driving: We defend clients in drunk driving cases (DWI, DUI and OWI) including allegations of operating with a high BAC, and we represent clients in the administrative driver's license extortion process.
  • Other alcohol-related crimes and campus crimes: We represent clients and their families from Central Michigan University, Ferris State University and other local colleges who have been charged with underage drinking, minor in possession (MIP), DWI, OWI, theft, violent crimes, criminal sexual conduct and other charges.
  • Drug Crimes: We handle possession, possession with intent, cultivation and other drug-related crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, prescription drugs and other drugs. WE HAVE A FIRM UNDERSTANDING OF ALL MICHIGAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA ISSUES.
  • Sex crimes: We defend clients against charges that include criminal sexual conduct, possession of child pornography, solicitation, child molestation and other sex crimes.
  • White collar crimes: Our extensive experience in commercial litigation and transactional business matters, in addition to our criminal defense experience, puts us in a position to provide our clients with uniquely powerful criminal defense against white collar crime charges.

Fighting for Your Future

Pleading guilty might seem like an easy way out, but it can have significant collateral consequences. In Michigan, you cannot work for a health care provider if you have an assault crime on your record, and you will be refused admittance to many medical schools and law schools for certain convictions that include DUI, MIP and violent crimes like bar crimes. Our attorneys know and understand that the long-term consequences can be just as important as the short term, so we look after every aspect of our clients' interests to provide the best representation possible.

Our attorneys also assist clients in matters related to alcohol problems, helping families facing issues involving fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and other alcohol-related challenges find the long-term help they need.


In certain circumstances, it is possible to petition the court to set aside a criminal conviction through expungement. Not all crimes or situations are available for expungement. Call an attorney from our firm to discuss your case.

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